Things what I have seen in Montreal, #1

Despite being equipped only with a shitty phone camera, there are far too many things I stumble across that demand to be photographed. So I’ll put them up. First, shop window edition.

Strange shop display on Rue St Catherine.

This was the window display for a shop that designed and
supplied specialised or customized mannequins.

Creepy big-eyed winking shop dummies. I hope it wasn't one of theirs.

It's Canada - lumberjack shirts are not optional.

So they're really trying to protect their classy clientele and all the hard work they've put into making it look wonderful from the oiks outside. I wonder how classy it is inside...?

How classy? It's full of lava lamps - kneel before their levels of classyness, heathens.

This is a glass of Earl Grey tea with hot frothy milk. Look how authentic it is! - it has a London bus next to it. Needless to say it was revolting.

"Best swanky joint", eh? Praise indeed.

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